Rangers’ Jacob Trouba receives the max fine for high stick in win over Boston Bruins

New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba (8) takes the ice to play the Pittsburgh Penguins at PPG Paints Arena

The New York Rangers have managed to beat the Boston Bruins, who were sitting at the top spot in the NHL before the Blueshirts claimed the throne themselves.

In what was an absolute barnburner of a game, the main focus was on the eleven total goals scored throughout the matchup. But with the dust settled, there is now some controversy surrounding one specific play in which Rangers’ Captain Jacob Trouba might have gotten himself into more hot water.

Trouba landed a nasty high stick slash on Trent Frederic

During yesterday’s matchup against Boston, Trouba managed to fully swing his stick with a two-handed grip, and nail Bruins’ forward Trent Frederic on the side of the head.

There was no penalty given following the play, and the game continued forward. Fans quickly took to social media to give their opinions on the play, with Rangers fans defending their captain, and practically everyone else calling for a suspension.

NHL Player Safety opts to hand out max fine for the high stick

Per the NHL Player Safety, Trouba was charged a maximum fine of $5,000 for his high stick on Frederic. There was certainly room for debate on a potential suspension, but upon reviewing the footage, it was declared that solely a fine would suffice for penalizing Trouba.

Did the Rangers get off the hook too easy for the high stick?

When looking at the play, it’s clear that Trouba didn’t intentionally try to slash Frederic across the side of the head. The Boston forward was holding Trouba’s stick down, causing the stick to fly upward as he let go right as Trouba tried to break free.

The NHL is known to penalize players even when plays are unintentional. The high stick wasn’t a dirty play, but it’s certainly a reckless one. Players have been suspended for actions like this in the past, so Trouba might have gotten lucky to only have been handed a fine right now. He’s a key part of the Rangers’ success, so he must aim to be more careful moving forward in the season.

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