New York Rangers’ Artemi Panarin Loves the Atmosphere in the Big Apple

New York Rangers, Artemi Panarin

The New York Rangers continue to reach out to fans via twitter and the lastest player to answer questions from fans was Artemi Panarin. The “breadman” fielded a variety of questions but has certainly been impressed by the atmosphere that New York City provides and was very impressed with the atmosphere on opening night at MSG. Panarin described that night as very emotional when he scored his first goal and helped the Rangers win. What may seem like a really long time ago, Panarin signed a seven-year, $81.5 million contract with the Rangers in July of 2019.

The New York Rangers leading scorer this year reveals his goaltending nemesis

Even big-time goal scorers have goalies that they just can’t seem to figure out. In a question posed by yours truly, Panarin revealed that the goalie that gives him the most difficulty is former teammate Sergei Bobrovsky. The two played the last two years together for the Columbus Blue Jackets, so Panarin faced him many times in practice, and in the previous two years when Panrin was with the Blackhawks and Bobrovsky was with the Blue Jackets. Bobrovsky currently plays for the Florida Panthers. Panarin revealed in a New York Post interview that he and his girlfriend had hosted Bobrovsky and his wife when social distancing measures were less restrictive in Florida.

Artemi Panarin reveals some of his favorite New York things

Panarin has warmed up to the many dining opportunities that New York City has to offer, and mentioned Ruby’s on Mulberry street as his favorite. According to its website, Ruby’s prides itself on using fresh local product balanced with Australian culinary influences to provide the local and international community with some of the best food, espresso coffee, and drinks in New York City. He has also endeared himself to the NYC community when he donated 1,500 N95 masks to the Hospital of Special Surgery in Manhattan. While he did not specifically mention the famous Rockettes, he did reveal that he discovered the high kick during a party last summer and it stuck with him. He also remembered the time he scored a goal against Detroit back in January and almost took out an official with his high kick.

The New York Rangers and their fans are hoping that they can see some more high kicks in the coming months, and of course for many years to come.