New York Ranger Lias Andersson Hints at “Incidents” While in Organization, Including Being Bullied

New York Rangers, Lias Andersson

The mystery surrounding New York Ranger prospect Lias Andersson has taken an interesting turn. According to Swedish media, Andersson was recently spotted watching Tuesday’s Champions Hockey League semifinal between Frölunda and Luleå. And further explained his situation to a national broadcast company, SVT, as well as a local newspaper.

Issue #1: “lower-Body Injury”

One of the things that were discussed with Swedish media was Andersson mentioned an injury to both of his feet.  Gothenburg Post hockey reporter Johan Rylander stated that Andersson told him that he was playing through a lower-body injury. However, it’s unclear if he sustained it with the Rangers or after he was sent to AHL Hartford on Nov. 17. Rylander also mentioned that Andersson can’t fit his feet into a pair of skates and that he is going to visit a specialist and get an X-ray to rule out that there is a bone broken. The left foot is the worst.

Issue #2: “Other Factors,” Such as Bullying?

It was part of these interviews that Andersson mentioned that there were a lot of things bothering him, stating: “A lot of things happening, and eventually, there were one too many. I felt enough is enough,” Rylander asked Andersson directly if he had been bullied, to which Andersson responded, “I don’t know what to say or what to answer. It’s been tough; that’s it. I will tell you when it’s the right time.” Ryland also said that Andersson told him that “I’m not a spoiled (expletive) kid who complains about not being allowed to play hockey for the New York Rangers. That’s not the thing. There are other factors.” After the Rangers victory on Tuesday night, Head Coach David Quinn would not comment directly on the situation.

How Andersson and the New York Rangers got to this point:

The Rangers selected Andersson seventh overall in the 2017 NHL draft. He made the Rangers out of training camp, but couldn’t earn top-six minutes.  Andersson played 17 games and had no goals and one assist while averaging a little more than nine minutes of ice time, mostly as a fourth-line center. After being demoted to Hartford, Andersson had five points in 13 games before demanding a trade and eventually leaving the team and heading home to Sweden just before Christmas.