How About This Destination For Some New York Ranger “Home” Games?

New York Rangers

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Practicing social distancing gives one a lot of time to think about things, including the New York Rangers. One of those thoughts was that it is possible that the NHL might be ready to play games, even without fans, before New York State or New York City deem MSG open for business. In an earlier article, I wrote about this possibility and suggested some alternate locations, which include some nearby facilities. As the NHL has stated previously, almost anything is possible in attempting to finish the season. So the suggestion, that I actually sent to the Rangers, is to play any “home” games in Lake Placid N.Y.

Why Lake Placid makes sense as an alternate home for the New York Rangers

Picture this: The New York Rangers come out to a playoff game at the Herb Brooks arena, home to the greatest achievement the hockey world has ever seen. They are wearing special uniforms, with NYR placed on the front of their jerseys in the same manner that the USA was placed across jersey’s forty years ago, when a bunch of college kids beat the best hockey team in the world, and then went on to win the gold medal. What a great way to bounce back from inconveniences of the Covid-19 virus, to play a meaningful game as we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of one of the great moments in USA hockey history.

The arena is named after the legendary coach of the 1980 Olympic Hockey team Herb Brooks, who also coached the Rangers from 1981 to 1985. Brooks was also the first American-born coach in Rangers’ team history to win 100 games.  In addition to the Rangers connection, the arena itself makes sense. If games are to be played without fans, or even with fans but MSG is closed, this arena makes sense. With a capacity of 7,700, it is big enough to allow people to spread out but cozy enough for players to feel that there are not playing in the Grand Canyon.  I was able to watch my son play in a couple of youth tournaments in Lake Placid. It is not as big as it looks on television. But its size and facilities allow it to be a suitable venue for NHL games. They are also no stranger to holding big-time hockey tournaments. The site has previously hosted ECAC hockey tournaments as well as the NCAA Women’s frozen four in 2007.

The NHL said anything and everything is being considered. Lake Placid should be one of those being considered for the New York Rangers.

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6 thoughts on “How About This Destination For Some New York Ranger “Home” Games?”

  1. Well Mr. Anon, I would say it is more of being fluid. At this point, my feeling is that NHL games should happen to help us all get back to a sense of normalcy once this is over. My fear is that with the NY metro area being one of the hardest hit, they, as well as a couple of other metro areas may not be able to host contests.
    My biggest self assessment of this is any restrictions may apply to all of NY state, eliminating Lake Placid from any consideration.

  2. I’m glad that you’re so cavalier about your own article that you essentially conceded the point that the previous commentator had, but switched your argument that it wasn’t about home games. So… are you wrong? Or are you updating your comment?

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I think that in this current situation, nothing is impossible. And if it would take the NHL to flip a home game to a road game, that could be done. I also think that the NHL needs to look at some of these sights, whether it be Lake Placid, Vermont or even Hartford, as it seems that most of the COVID-19 cases are concentrated in large metro areas. If there is a safe place in a reasonable time to play these games, they should play them. It would mean so much to the people of the US, Canada, and possibly around the world.

  4. How about this is impossible. All home games are contractually obligated to be played at MSG. That’s why they are always the away team for outdoor games.

  5. How about the University of Vermont where they used to have camp. Great rink,50 min flight to NYC, wonderful surroundings. 90 Miles from Montreal.

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