Details Emerge as to What the New York Rangers Can Expect at Toronto Hub

Recently, information about what the New York Rangers will experience in Toronto as the NHL unveiled details for its hub cities and in-game presentation as it approaches the resumption of play. The league revealed its plan for health and safety, along with information about television broadcasts and player amenities during a period in which no fans will be allowed in the arenas.

New York Ranger “sounds” will be part of the game

The league is promising a unique look and feel to every game played, including the local goal horns and songs of each team participating, which of course will include the Rangers.

Fans of each of the 24 teams participating have replicated chants that will be played in the arena, so expect some “Let’s Go Rangers” chants to be pumped in. These in-game sounds will be combined on the broadcast with supplemented crowd noise provided by EA Sports. The broadcasts will also be on a five-second delay, due to the possibility that some of the language used by the players may be a bit “R” rated and not family-friendly.

Steve Mayer, the league’s chief content officer, said fans will see unique camera angles because arenas will be empty, as well as many extras. “We’re going to open up in both hubs with a significant and a powerful opening evening,” Mayer said

The NHL releases the logistics for the New York Rangers stay in Toronto

The Toronto secure zone will be made up of two distinct areas, one at Exhibition Place and one in downtown Toronto.

Downtown Toronto’s zone will be situated at the Fairmont Royal York hotel, where the Rangers will call home while in the playoffs. A secure walking path connecting the Fairmont to Scotiabank Arena to be used exclusively by authorized people will allow for travel between the two locations while maximizing safety.

BMO Field in Toronto, normally the home of Toronto FC of the MLS, is part of the bubble, is serving as an outdoor recreation facility.

At the downtown zone, players will be able to partake in activities like pickleball and tennis.

The NHL said it is setting up a concierge service, in conjunction with local delivery companies, that will allow players and staff to order items from pharmacies, department stores, grocery stores, and food from restaurants in Toronto.

Part of the NHL’s stated focal point is ensuring the safety of its players and staff during the restart. For example, in Toronto, there will be 64 walking and hotel security guards, as well as 33 health ambassadors at Scotiabank Arena.

When games are taking place, players who are not participating will be able to watch and attend games.

Asked if there’s a sense of accomplishment knowing the league is on the verge of resuming its season, Bettman, who along with deputy commissioner Bill Daly won’t initially travel to the bubbles because require a mandatory 14-day quarantine after arriving from the United States, said there’s still a long way to go before he can fully exhale.

“I don’t sit back and try and dislocate my shoulder trying to either pat myself or anybody else on the back,” Bettman said. “If there’s any point where I’m going to feel substantial emotion, it’ll be a sense of relief when I get the present the Stanley Cup.”