New York Mets: Why A-Rod Ending His Ownership Bid is a Good Thing

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s announcement to end their bid at owning the New York Mets was no shock to those familiar with the situation. In reality, the reaction to it should be applauded instead of a disappointed one.

The reputation of Alex Rodriguez in baseball comes with plenty of hate and dislike. Players who competed with and against him have very mixed opinions on A-Rod. During his non-baseball life, he has attempted to revive his character by working on television and his relationship with Lopez. In part, it is a way to separate him from the other faces of the Steroid Era and sneak into the Hall of Fame.

Why He Can’t Own the Mets

The money simply was not there for the deal to happen and allow Rodriguez to be in charge. He needed a partner to raise the necessary funds to acquire the franchise sufficiently. If that were to happen, Rodriguez would not be the one in charge of making decisions. He has never been good at playing second fiddle to anyone, which leads us to believe that partnership would not work out.

Lastly, there is no good reason for him to give up the extravagant life he has with Lopez and his children just to own the Mets. Derek Jeter was able to pull it off since he resides in Florida, where the Marlins play. He also needed 16 investors to pull off the deal, but his reputation and character allowed him to earn the role of CEO. The most significant difference between the two is Rodriguez sees baseball as secondary after he retired, while Jeter can’t stay away from the game.

While the Mets are still stuck with the Wilpons, it is even better than involving A-Rod with the franchise. If the Marlins could get Jeter to purchase the franchise, the Mets in the legendary New York market can find the owner who makes us all forget about the Wilpons incompetence.