New York Mets: When Will Francisco Lindor Get His Extension

New York Yankees, Francisco Lindor
Aug 3, 2020; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) reacts after hitting a solo home run against the Cincinnati Reds during the first inning at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

General Manager Zack Scott said “the sooner, the better” to start negotiations for a Francisco Lindor extension, and most New York Mets fans feel the same way. Lindor is a once-in-a-generation talent the Mets have missed since David Wright was in his prime. Will Lindor get the contract extension Wright received to ensure he remains in Queens for a long time?

It was hard to miss the vibrant Lindor when he arrived at camp with his light green hair and matching glove. Lindor said he is happy to be with the Mets but wants to get a better feel before committing to them for what could be the rest of his career.

“I obviously have to get to know the organization, get to know the people, and they have to get to know me,” Lindor said during his press conference on Monday. Lindor was happy for his shortstop counterpart Fernando Tatis Jr. after he agreed to a 14-year/$330 million deal. Tatis (22) is five years younger than Lindor (27), but the AAV is a number the newly acquired Met could shoot for in an extension.

Keep Him Around

The Mets gave up too much for Lindor to become a one-year rental. Both sides talked about getting to know each other better like they were on The Bachelor together. For both of them, this is a match made in heaven. Lindor gets to play in a thriving market with an owner who will spend money to win. The Mets get a face of the franchise and one of the best people to have in the locker room.

Michael Conforto is the other Met who would like to have an extension before Opening Day. The Mets hope to keep both off the free-agent market, but it is easier said than done. Until something is settled on going forward, a contract extension will be the multi-million dollar question.