New York Mets: Steven Matz’s struggles have team looking for alternatives

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The start of the 2020 MLB season has been nightmarish for New York Mets‘ starters. The issues started long before the first game: Noah Syndergaard went down with Tommy John surgery in March.

Marcus Stroman nursed a left calf strain and then decided not to play because of COVID-19. Michael Wacha went down with right shoulder inflammation, then Jacob deGrom had some neck tightness and had to miss a start.

Now David Peterson, the rookie who has pitched very well for the New York Mets, is going to the injured list as well.

Only Steven Matz and Rick Porcello haven’t suffered any ailments, but they haven’t been particularly effective.

Matz, in particular, has been torched almost every time he takes the hill. In five starts and 23.0 innings, he has a horrific 9.00 ERA and has been worth -0.3 fWAR. His WHIP stands at 1.57.

Will the Mets replace Matz?

If it weren’t for the Mets’ litany of injuries in the rotation, Matz probably wouldn’t make his next scheduled start as he works on some things. However, there probably are too many absences for that plan to take place. Yet, the team still is undecided.

“We’re still discussing with him things that we want to fix, things we want to work with him [on] … things that we’re working for him to translate into the game,” Rojas said. “We’re not committed either way yet.”

Seth Lugo, one of the best and most reliable relieves in the National League, remains a possibility to start in Matz’s next turn. Lugo has starting experience but the Mets have said they prefer him as a reliever. Yet, the need for a starter is evident.

“It’s something to think about. Seth can do different things,” Rojas said to “We’re not committed with him yet to do something as an opener or something as a starter yet, but that’s something that, you never know. His versatility can definitely help us to do some things different from the bullpen in the future. We’ll see.”