New York Mets: Should the Black Jerseys Return?

New York Mets

The growing debate over the last few months and into the suspension of baseball has been on the New York Mets black jerseys from the late 1990s. There is a sharp divide between people who hate them and the ones who please for them to return. Marcus Stroman and Pete Alonso are part of the charge to bring them back.

Most of the group who grew up watching the Mets wear these jerseys are the ones who want to see them return. The opposers are partial to the classic white with blue stripes. Either way, if you look up classic Mets highlights from 1999-2010, chances are the black jerseys are on.

Bring the Back Moderately

The jerseys were always the alternates on the road and at home. If they come back, they should wear them the same way the “Military Monday” jerseys were worn. They should make it a “Black Friday” where the Mets bring them out, and it should get more fans involved to watch the games.

The biggest thing with bringing back something like this is to avoid overkilling it. Since the uniforms have mixed reviews doing it once a week, during a homestand, would satisfy both parties. The time when teams involved black in their jerseys have passed, but it is always good for a throwback game in the schedule.