New York Mets: Ruben Tejada Year in Review

The last time Ruben Tejada was in a New York Mets uniform, he was relegated to the bench after Chase Utley broke his leg in the 2015 NLDS. Tejada bounced the big leagues for the last couple of seasons but had his homecoming with the Mets when they signed him to a minor-league deal at the end of spring training.

Before arriving to the Mets, Tejada spent 75 games in the minor leagues and was very impressive. He slashed .333/.409/.481 with six home runs and 43 RBIs. Tejada still could play every infield position outside of first base and took advantage of the juice baseballs in Triple-A.

Waiting to Return

Since Tejada had no options, once he came up, he had to stay. This was why it took a while for the Mets to finally bring him up. It was a fun for fans to have him back, but the fun ended as quickly as it started. He went 0-for-9 in his six games with the Mets and was DFA’d just eight days later.


Hitting for Average: F,

Hitting for Power: F

Fielding: B+, No errors in his minimal opportunities, his glove was never a question.

Speed/Baserunning: N/A

Intangibles: B

Overall: F, Unfortunately like most reunions this year, it did not work out well.