New York Mets: Repole-Lopez-Rodriguez group is very much alive in race to buy the team

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

Over the weekend, it was reported that Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez and Mike Repole may be out of the bidding for the New York Mets. According to Charles Gasparino of Fox Business Network, the group allegedly didn’t have enough money to compete for the team and the process would be down to Steve Cohen and the Josh Harris – David Blitzer pair. However, Ken Rosenthal reported quite the opposite on Monday.

Repole dismissed the notion that the group can’t hang around with Cohen and Harris Blitzer, and stated that “one hundred percent, we can be competitive. The entire group has more than enough money.”

The New York Mets’ sale process is being overseen by Allen & Company, and is currently ongoing. The Wilpons are hoping to sell the team by October, so a resolution isn’t too far off.

The best for the Mets, they say

Repole also went on to elaborate why he thinks his group will be the best option for the Mets and the baseball industry, in general.

“This is the best ownership group, not only for the Mets but for New York and definitely for baseball,” Repole said. “I pride myself on being a marketer. Baseball needs a little bit of a marketing wake-up call, a marketing shot in the arm. Obviously with Alex and Jennifer and what I’ve done with brands all my life, if I’m among the 29 other baseball owners and I’m Manfred, this is the team I want to own, the New York Mets in the New York market.”

Several sports stars reportedly joined the Repole – Rodriguez – Lopez group, including former NFL stars Brian Urlacher, Joe Thomas and DeMarco Murray, current player Travis Kelce, and NBA players Mason Plumlee and Bradley Beal.

The Mets, meanwhile, got swept in a two-game exhibition series against the Yankees over the weekend, and will start their 2020 season this week. The team is expected to contend for a spot in the playoffs.

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