New York Mets: Noah Syndergaard Sued For Missing Rent

2020 has not been a rough year for New York Mets fireballer Noah Syndergaard. After a flurry of events changed his plans, Syndergaard decided he was not going to live in his New York City apartment.

Syndergaard is being sued in Manhattan federal court after he decided not to pay rent for his $27,000 apartment. He signed an eight-month lease in his Tribeca apartment, which began on March 20. Syndergaard found out he would need the surgery right around the time the tenancy started. His injury, combined with the season’s postponement, gave him little incentive to continue with the lease.

What is His Next Move?

Syndergaard treated the lease “like an option” and never did anything with the apartment. Syndergaard signed the least about a month before the city-wide Coronavirus shutdown. The shutdown postponed season, and surgery all gave Syndergaard no reason to live in New York.

After he missed the first payment on April 17, the landlord said Syndergaard defaulted on the lease. Then two weeks later, his lawyer told the landlord he could re-rent the apartment since Syndergaard was not moving in. All of this leads to a lawsuit where the landlord is seeking all $250,000 from Syndergaard, the full payment of the eight-month lease.

We are no legal experts here, but it seems hard for Thor to come out victorious.