New York Mets: No Reason To Complain About The Offseason

Criticism broke out after New York Mets fans found out they were out of the running for Tomoyuki Sugano. The misinformed insults claimed owner Steve Cohen is running a Wilpon-esk, cheap offseason we saw in years past. The loud minority of fans have forgotten that no other team has made a major move outside of the San Diego Padres trades.

At the moment, the Mets $20 million more than the second-place club in free agency. This includes James McCann and Trevor May’s deals while all of the other big names sit on the market. If Mets fans feel like the front office has done nothing, imagine how other free agent contenders feel.

This is the slowest free agency of all-time due to the pandemic. The fans who are complaining already are the ones who will not be pleased unless the Mets brought back Tom Seaver, David Wright, and Babe Ruth to join the roster. Other people and writers are searching for things to complain about because the Mets landscape is a complete 180 from the Wilpon era.

If the Mets do not improve the roster by spring training, then the criticism is deserved. For now, sit back and enjoy that Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello are not the two big signings this offseason.