New York Mets: Jacob deGrom hopes to throw 100 plus pitches in next start

New York Mets, Jacob deGrom

Following last night’s solid six-inning start, New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom met with the media. As one would expect, there was a lot of talk surrounding his pitch counts to date and what it will look like moving forward with the Mets in contention.

First, on why he did not pitch his scheduled start Tuesday against the Yankees, deGrom shared some insight.

“It was just kind of a discussion of what was best for everybody. You had Ty in Atlanta and then he was feeling good. So it was whether he was on what 10 or 11 days. And then I think it put Ty on seven, me on seven, Bassitt on seven. So it was more just a discussion with that. I said whatever works out best for everybody. You know, if you go 10 days where’s Ty’s pitch count? So I think that was kind of the discussion that went into it. I said whatever you guys want to do. I’ll pitch whatever game you tell me to. That’s what went into that.”


On what has gone into his recent pitch counts, deGrom had this to say, “I think you know 87, last time we got to 95, you know I prefer going out there with a chance of finishing an inning. If you go out there like what happened with Atlanta, I get 3-2 and then some foul balls. Well then, where are you pushing it too much? So, I think that’s kind of the feel thing there.”

With how his past few starts impact the work he does moving forward, deGrom said, “being around that same spot a couple of times you know, next time hopefully be able to go out there for 100 plus.”

Now having five starts completed, deGrom spoke on how he feels.

“I feel good. You know, we went a little bit above the one in Atlanta and felt good after that so I think that was the real test. And then what did I end with tonight 87? So I think probably the next one it’ll be let me go however long you know, 100 plus.”

With five starts in the books, deGrom currently has a 3-1 record with a 2.15 ERA. Even with fairly limited pitch counts in just a few games, deGrom has reminded us of his special ability. With the Mets competing for a World Series, hopefully, deGrom continues to feel good as his pitch count rises.

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