New York Mets: Jackie Bradley Jr. Still Remains as an Option

When the New York Mets signed Albert Almora Jr., many thought they were done adding outfielders to their roster this offseason. Jackie Bradley Jr. is still a viable option despite the designated hitter looming as baseball’s million-dollar question.

If Bradley is still on the market when/if the DH comes to the NL, the Mets should focus on signing him immediately. Bradley becomes an impossible signing without a DH because there will be too many players for three outfield spots.

MLB says the 2021 season will not have a universal DH, but the players union wants it. Pitchers are getting paid unprecedented amounts of money, and front offices need them protected at all costs. The union and MLB are at an impasse because the players do not want to trade an expanded postseason to get the universal DH.

Get The DH

The Mets would benefit from a universal DH more than any other team in the NL. It automatically improves their offense, but it makes their defense a strength for the first time in years. Bradley is not an offensive star, but his center field defense is stronger than anything else he could provide for the Mets.

The Mets signed Almora to be their fourth outfielder and play against left-handed pitching. Signing Almora to his deal leaves the Mets with more options to upgrade either third base or get another starter. Their next big move seems like a trade more than a free agent signing. With Kris Bryant consistently rumored to be traded at any point, he looks like a strong candidate for the Mets to bring in.