New York Mets: How Should We View Their Hot Streak?

Simeon Woods-Richardson

Since the beginning of the second half of the season, the New York Mets have been one of the best teams in baseball. Their terrific starting pitching and much improved bullpen has led their rise in the wild card standings.

Their recent hot streak has come against subpar teams, which could taint their success to some. It is a plausible idea, but about a month ago the Mets were struggling to beat below average teams. When their cold streak started, they were swept by the last place Marlins.

Why Should We Believe?

The Mets have certainly given us plenty of reasons to think our hearts will be broken again, but what is the point of loving the Mets if you will never believe in them? They now possess a starting rotation capable of beating any team on any day. Even Matz and Syndergaard who struggled early in the season are starting to find their groove.

Their hitting has been up and down, but with their starting rotation all they need is three to four runs a game. This is very reminiscent of the 2015 Mets where they had five great starters, but this version of the flushing five may be their best one.

Why We Should Not Believe?

If you are still pessimistic about this team, it is understandable. Edwin Diaz still has to find some consistency as the Mets closer. His ERA is just over three in save situations, but his control needs to be reined in big time before the Mets can be confident in him.

The Mets defense has been called into question as well, but it also has been better during the second half. Good pitching needs good defense to be successful. This was part of the reason they struggled in the first half, their defense could not help their pitchers. Will their defense struggle again? Yes, but it is important that their defense is more consistent now.

What’s Next?

If the Mets can get through the next string of games and get back to .500, they should be fully confident in taking their big series against the Washington Nationals. This season should be proof that anything can happen in baseball.