New York Mets Fans Better Show Love To Rick Porcello

New York Mets, Rick Porcello

If you ask New York Met‘s fans what is the best way to describe the team, it would probably be “disappointing”. The team has been mismanaged by the Wilpon’s, and the Wilpon’s can’t pay anyone good to come to the team, and, simply, they’re the New York Mets. They tend to always find themselves in sticky situations.

This is why it was interesting to see that former Cy Young winner and former World Series Champion, Rick Porcello, actually WANTED to become a Met this offseason.

Wait… Seriously?!


In a recent report from SNY, Rick Porcello said his eyes were set on the NY Mets pretty early in the offseason. For a very simple reason:

“The Mets were the first one that called, even (as) kind of a small gesture because you get so many calls that day from different teams checking in,” Porcello said in an interview earlier this week.

I’m sure also being a native of Morristown, NJ, helped a little bit.

Home Town Beats Better Deals

In the same SNY article from Danny Abriano, Porcello flew in the face of convention for offseason talent of his caliber. Yes, he had a down year. But if you see the back of his baseball card, every bad year results in a bounce back year of fantastic proportions. He was dreadful in 2015 and 2017, but sandwiched in between was his Cy Young campaign. So other teams were willing to take a chance with bigger and better contracts.

The Toronto Blue Jays offered him a one year deal, with a chance for a one-year extension. One year was worth $10 million. Another team offered $14 million for one year. On the merits of an early phone call and a verbal promise of letting him start, and he accepts a $10 million one year deal.

When you look at the deal that Gerrit Cole just signed with the Yankees, it begs to question “What was he thinking?!”

Be kind to him Mets fans. How often do you get a guy who’s willing to turn down bigger and longer contracts to become a Met? Considering the luck the Mets have had, it’s not a very common occurrence these days.