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New York Mets: Can Pete Alonso Break the Rookie Home Run Record?

by Daniel Marcillo

Rookie Pete Alonso has already smashed multiple rookie records throughout his amazing first season with the Mets. He currently sits just six home runs away from breaking Aaron Judge’s rookie home run record. The Mets have 18 games left on their schedule, leaving Alonso with a small window to make history. Can he do it?

For Alonso to break the record, he would have to hit one home run every three games. It is not impossible, but he will be doing it against quality pitching as the Mets try to get into a wild card spot. His two home run game against the Diamondbacks on Monday certainly made it a little easier for Alonso to do the job.

Focus on Making it to October

Despite the records and accolades, Alonso only cares about playing baseball in the postseason. At a young age, Alonso has continuously said the right things no matter how good or bat things have gone this season. Should Alonso break the record, his production will give the Mets the best chance to pull off a wild card miracle.

Alonso is certainly putting together one of the greatest rookie records of all time and a postseason birth would be a cherry on top. It Alonso can carry the Mets to the postseason he could even receive more votes for the MVP. I think we can all agree we would love to see Alonso blossom in October and shatter some more records.

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