New York Mets: Breaking Down the Power Potential of Amed Rosario

Amed Rosario, New York Mets

After a breakout 2019 season, Amed Rosario still has more to showcase. The New York Mets shortstop had a career-high 15 home runs and could double that number with a few small adjustments to his swing.

Not only did Rosario have a career-high amount of homers but also had a career-high 30 doubles. For a 23-year old this is a great offensive season, but the advanced statistics show he can do more damage. Rosario led the Mets with 193 balls hit over 95 mph but only had an 8.8-degree average launch angle. Pete Alonso had a 14.8-degree launch.

Drive the Ball in the Air

Rosario’s 2019 launch angle increased one degree from the previous year. He was combining this with hitting the ball harder than in 2018 allowed him to raise his slugging percentage. If Rosario can get to double digits, his frame at 6’2″ will lead to power numbers a player like Xander Bogaerts puts up.

Bogaerts had a 6.6 launch angle, 35 doubles, and only seven home runs in 2015. Over the past seasons, he raised his launch to 13.1 in 2019, and it resulted in 52 doubles, 33 home runs, and a fifth-place finish in the MVP voting.

Playing in Fenway Park certainly helped his numbers, but Rosario can put up consistent 40 doubles, 25 home runs seasons as he continues to mature as a hitter. We have seen good power to the opposite field, but it can show up more consistently as he grows.

First, Rosario’s swing path and hip/shoulder path are ideal. It is visible because his home runs typically fly out of the ballpark. The most significant adjustment comes with his lower body, specifically his knees/feet. At times he will lift his back foot off the ground before he makes contact, much like Roberto Clemente. If we were in Clemente’s era, the swing would play, but in this era, everyone has to maximize power.

Keeping Rosario connected with the ground will allow him to drive his energy and leverage it through the ground. Alonso does a terrific job of using the ground to the advantage, which will enable him to maximize his already immense strength. Rosario will be able to add enough degrees to his swing to make himself into a legitimate power threat. His high finish to his swing is already ideal for a good power hitter. Most of the pieces are in place for Rosario’s power, and he just needs one last piece to solve the puzzle.

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