New York Mets’ Andres Gimenez is impressing with his play: could he be a ROY candidate?

New York Mets‘ rookie infielder Andres Gimenez hasn’t been intimidated by playing in the major leagues. Far from it. Instead, he has taken the league by storm and capitalized on the opportunity and the playing time that the Robinson Cano injury provided for him.

He is fast and dynamic, while flashing great contact ability and a very good leather. His energy and motivation have been behind the New York Mets’ last two victories, as they try to climb back into contention following a nightmarish start of the season.

Right now, he is batting .333 with a .796 OPS. He is capable of playing a very good shortstop and second base, and despite some controversy that the Mets might have rushed him to the majors, he has silenced the critics with his play.

He had a three-hit performance in the Mets’ 4-2 victory over the first-place Marlins on Sunday. “This kid, he’s always a step ahead like that,” Mets manager Luis Rojas said to

What will happen when the Mets get healthy?

Injuries to some Mets’ players such as Canó, Jeff McNeil, Amed Rosario and Eduardo Núñez have opened up playing time for Gimenez, but what will happen when Cano gets back? No one knows for sure, but if he keeps playing like this, he will be hard to sit. And it would be a shame, because as of now, he could be a candidate for the Rookie of the Year award in the National League.

His overall .333/.371/.424 lines includes one double, one triple, a team-high three stolen bases and only three strikeouts in 35 plate appearances. “I play the game that I know as a kid and as a professional baseball player,” Giménez said. “The game is basically just, help the team to win.”

Mets coach Gary DiSarcina even compared Giménez to Omar Vizquel, crowing: “I could watch that kid take ground balls all day long.”

“He wants to know what you’re thinking,” Rojas said. “He’s out there almost being like an extension of the manager, of the coach. This kid is always learning.”

“It’s still really early, I think, for the season, but this kid is amazing,” Rojas said. “This kid is always on his toes, physically and mentally. And we saw the plays today.”

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