New York Mets: A-Rod, J.Lo Make Moves to Propose a Big For the Mets

New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez

Once a dream and an overlooked rumor, Alex Rodriguez is now seriously considering purchasing the New York Mets. He is not doing this alone as singer/fiancee Jennifer Lopez is helping the cause as well. Both are taking the steps together to make a run at owning the franchise.

This is another chapter in A-Rod’s story to give himself a shot at making the hall of fame. A career marked by his drama and PED filled legacy is trying to revive itself like the Undertaker sitting up out of his casket. His post-retirement life is filled with his analyst roles, Tik Tok videos, and is known as “J-Lo’s boyfriend.”

How Did We Get to this Point?

The group Rodriguez will bid with is still in the works but retained JPMorgan Chase to create a group potentially. Though the two are wealthy, the $2.6 billion asking price is out of their range. Chase also had a history as the former bank partner of the Mets.

The likelihood of the Wilpon’s selling to an A-Rod led group is unlikely to happen due to multiple factors. The Mets are expensive, Coronavirus is killing the economy, and despite the renaissance story, he still has a damaged reputation.

What comes with the market falling will be the diminishing value of the franchise. If the right combination of variables falls in place, then this becomes a possibility. If A-Rod can act quickly, he can swoop in before things bounce back to normal. For now, it still looks like the Wilpon’s will keep the team for the distant future.