MLB insider is ‘ready to bet the family farm’ that Mets sign George Springer

Ever since New York Mets‘ owner Steve Cohen took over the team a few weeks ago, fans and media have speculated about his spending potential. They have had dreams about the team signing all the top free agents and becoming a powerhouse from day one, even if Cohen himself (and president Sandy Alderson) have said that won’t necessarily be the case.

However, for Mets’ fans hungry for glory, it’s hard not to envision the scenario. After all, they have the wealthiest owner in MLB, several needs to fill, and some star players available in the market for nothing but money.

Tempering expectations has been particularly difficult as of late, since the Mets already signed a top reliever in Trevor May. Since Brandon Nimmo’s defense in center fielder was subpar, there is an increasing belief that the New York Mets will end up with 31-year-old center fielder George Springer.

Springer would bring some stellar production at the plate (.265/.359/.540, .899 OPS, 14 homers, 32 RBI in 2020) and on the field (69th percentile in outs above average and 62nd percentile in outfield jump.) He has a phenomenal track record of success with the Houston Astros, and is still in his prime.

Olney loves the Mets’ chances

Speaking on ESPN Radio with Chris Carlin, ESPN’s baseball analyst and writer Buster Olney likes the Mets’ chances of landing Springer in a multi-year deal and he even seems so conviced that he made a hilarious bet.

“I think they’re going to aggressive, and that’s based on the conversation with the agents,” Olney said. “I’m just about ready to bet the family farm in Vermont that they’re going to wind up with Springer.”

“It just feels like such a natural fit. He, of course, is one of the prime guys, he could play center field for at least a year, he can help to balance out their lineup.”

According to Olney, the deal to sign Springer could be “in the $125-$150 million range.”