Mets’ Francisco Lindor understand boos, but hopes fans ‘cheer’ when things are going right

Mar 2, 2021; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) throws to first base against the Houston Astros during the third inning at Clover Park. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Even though he doesn’t have a World Series ring yet, Francisco Lindor is a winner. First of all, he got to the big leagues, which is more than the vast majority of baseball players in the planet. Not only that, but he also was a top prospect, graduated, earned Gold Gloves, hit lots of home runs, established himself as a star, and is now the face of the New York Mets’ franchise.

That’s why it’s so hard for him to hear boos from Mets’ fans in recent days. It happened on Tuesday and it happened again yesterday, as the team couldn’t back Jacob deGrom yet again and lost 1-0.

Before last night’s game, Lindor answered questions from the media. One of them, of course, was about the booing.

“It’s interesting and it’s funny and it sucks — it doesn’t feel right, for sure,” the Mets shortstop said according to SNY. “Interesting because it’s the first time that it happens in my career, and funny because I’m getting booed and people think I’m going to go home and just think about why I’m getting booed. I get it. They’re booing me because there’s no results. That’s it. They expect results, I expect results and I get it. It’s part of the job. People expect results and they’re booing because they’re not (getting) results.

“I just hope they cheer and jump on the field when I start hitting home runs and start helping the team on a daily basis a lot more than I’m doing right now.”

The Mets’ shortstop expects more from himself

Through is first 20 games with the Mets, Lindor is batting .203/.317/.261 with only one home runs. He recently signed a $341 million extension to stay in New York through his age-38 season.

“I expected to be successful and help the team win every single day,” Lindor said. “I didn’t expect to come to this season and hit .200, .195 — whatever I’m hitting right now.

“… It is what it is, man. I can’t just sit here and complain. They want results and they’re frustrated. It is what it is. I just hope when they have the results, I hope they cherish those moments as well.”