Mets’ Francisco Lindor breaks 0-for-26 cold streak with single, is ‘still working’ to get back on track

As hard to believe as it may sound, New York Mets’ shortstop Francisco Lindor had his first base hit in his last 26 at-bats in the win against the St. Louis Cardinals. The All-Star has been struggling for most of the season in the batter’s box.

However, Mets’ fans had grown frustrated because of his slow start in 2021, disappointed by the lack of production of the $341 million man. For a day, though, he was able to breathe, as a hard ground ball went through the infield for his first hit in a while.

The single came in the ninth inning, just when everybody thought Lindor would have another game without a hit.

“As soon as I hit the ball, I was just hoping that nobody caught it. When it went through, yeah, I had a smile on my face, and a little bit of my shoulders coming down, I had them above my ears,” Lindor said, according to SNY.

“They came down a little bit, but like I said earlier, it’s still a long road. I’m still working, I’m working as hard as I can day in and day out to be the best player I can be, and if I can do something on a daily basis to help the team win, that, to me, that’s it. I don’t need results. I want results, but I don’t need them to feel good. As long as we’re winning, it makes me happy.”

The Mets’ shortstop should eventually be fine

His plate discipline and hard-hit rates are on par with his career numbers or close to them, so the hope is that the Mets’ high-dollar investment can turn things around relatively soon.

“When you have a great group of guys around you, coaching staff, players, and so many people have reached out to me to help me out – current players, former players, coaches, president, owners,” the Mets’ star said. “A lot of people have reached out to me to help me out, and that, to me, means the world. I can’t thank them individually here, but to all of them, thank you for reaching out.

“The road is not over, man. The road is not over. I’m just glad we had a good road trip.”

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