Mets buy new pitching machine that can replicate the delivery of any pitcher

Simeon Woods-Richardson

New York Mets’ owner Steve Cohen is known for his love for the team. He will do anything within the rules to give his squad a competitive edge, and this time, he is bringing an innovative technological resource to help maintain the best record in the National League.

When the Mets return home in a little over a week, they will have a high-tech pitching machine that they brought from Canada, according to New York Post’s Mike Puma.

Mets’ hitting coach Eric Chavez explained that the machine is designed to replicate the delivery of any pitcher that is inputted. Just a handful of teams have access to this kind of technology in Major League Baseball, and now the Mets are one of them.

“[The machine] will be the pitcher, so if we draw up Clayton Kershaw we will be facing Kershaw, his windup and everything and his pitches,” Chavez said Thursday before the Mets’ 2-0 loss to the Dodgers.

The Mets will be one step ahead

The Mets will only be able to use the machine prior to games, as MLB doesn’t allow its use during games once the play ball voice is heard.

“We have been trying to talk about it, anticipate it, but until we get it in our hands and touch it, see it, we’re not going to know how we’re going to be able to apply it exactly,” Chavez said. “It’s just going to be one of those things this year when we get it, trial and error and we’ll see what happens.”

Mets’ outfielder Brandon Nimmo is not surprised that the organization acquired the machine. “That’s one of the huge differences we have seen from the start,” he stated. “If it’s going to help the team succeed then [Cohen] is willing to do it, so it really doesn’t come down to a cost factor.”

The Mets’ offense, already one of the best in the league with a 116 wRC+ (second-highest in MLB, behind the Dodgers), will have a new, shiny weapon.

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