It would take a miracle for the New York Mets to advance to the playoffs

New York Mets, Rick Porcello

The New York Mets endured a severe blow on Sunday, losing 7-0 to the Atlanta Braves and falling five games below the .500 threshold. While they still can make the playoffs mathematically, it would take a small miracle for it to happen.

The first eight teams will qualify for the playoffs, and the New York Mets are in the eleventh spot in the National League, two and a half games back from a spot in the postseason. With seven games to play, advancing seems like a pipe dream.

The Mets, currently 24-29, have too many teams vying for the playoffs with a better record, so the most realistic scenario for them to advance is to win all seven games remaining in the calendar, or at least six of them. It would take an enormous effort and a little bit of luck at this point.

A tough day for the Mets

“Obviously, today is a tough day,” outfielder Brandon Nimmo said to “We don’t have many more losses that we can handle. So it’s tough, but this team is resilient. I believe in this team, and I believe in the fight. All we can do, that’s our only choice right now, is to fight.”

On Sunday, it wasn’t Rick Porcello the one who faltered. In fact, he delivered his best start of the season for the Mets, throwing seven innings of one-run ball, with 10 strikeouts. But the bullpen and the offense made sure that the game was lost.

The Mets have had to fight injuries, especially in the starting rotation. But the truth is that they haven’t been able to consistently hit with men on base despite the fact that they are among the best offenses in the league. The bullpen, outside of Edwin Diaz, hasn’t performed well.

“It’s not talent that separates you,” Porcello said. “It’s playing good baseball.”

“Time is ticking away,” Nimmo said. “We don’t have many more to really try and recover. It is disappointing to all of us.”

For the Mets, it is now, truly, do or die time. Will they be able to pull off a miracle and advance to the postseason?

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