Will James Dolan Patiently Allow Leon Rose And “World Wide Wes” to Rebuild The New York Knicks?

New York Knicks, James Dolan

Leon Rose, Wesley Williams, Scott Perry, Walt Perrin, Alex Kline, and the New York Knicks have been occupied during the pandemic. Watching film, talking to colleagues, accessing resources, and holding virtual draft prospect interviews during this weird off-season, all in which have been an irregular, tedious, and abnormal process have been ongoing. However, many are looking at the big picture wondering if New York Knicks Owner James Dolan will patiently allow Leon Rose and Wesley Williams, also known as “World Wide Wes”, to rebuild the once prominent basketball squad in New York City during the 1990’s.

Rebuilding a winning basketball team requires the top of the rebuilding organization to have all necessary personnel in their correct and respective positions within their individual professional specialties. Combining basketball minds is crucial, however, basketball minds still need time to execute strategic rebuilding and culture plans. All personnel must be on the same page starting with the front office all the way to the organization’s G-League affiliate (Westchester Knicks). Therefore, continuity is key to a well functioning organization and the New York Knicks are thirsting for stability and overall continuity, especially within the top part of the organization.

The Knicks are near the end of their coaching search and it would be the perfect time to begin practicing stability by retaining Mike Miller and making him the next head coach. The players seem to respect Mike Miller and he has a great basketball mind due to his previous winning stint with the Westchester Knicks a few years ago along with his advanced understanding of Tex Winters beloved triangle offense which encourages ball movement. Mike Miller took over from David Fizdale and rallied the troops. Player development is also Mike Miller’s strong suit.

Once the Knicks find their coach, James Dolan must let the revamped front office work and execute. Stability must be priority. Let the basketball minds do their jobs without worrying about termination at any given moment.

2 thoughts on “Will James Dolan Patiently Allow Leon Rose And “World Wide Wes” to Rebuild The New York Knicks?”

  1. Dolan is definitely hands off with the Rangers is what I’ve heard from a Rangers fan I know, he trusts the front office he put in place there. Has Dolan found the right front office recipe for the Knicks? Even if Dolan did find the right decision makers, will he clip them like he did Donnie Walsh as you mentioned? So many question marks when it comes to Dolan. His desire for the Knicks to be successful is strong and it seems to have him overthink in desperation clouding his judgement a lot of times.

  2. James Dolan throws tons of money at front office people, makes promises to back off then either let’s the idiots (Jackson, Thomas) run the place down or pulls the rug out from under respected people ( Walsh).

    But with free agency a huge part of the equation, whether signing others or keeping your own, this is the same owner who traded a crap load for Carmelo over his GMs objection, but then turned around and kept his mouth shut when Phil was bad mouthing him publicly.

    Until James Dolan treats the Knicks like he does the Rangers, no matter who’s in the front office nothing will really change.