Why the New York Knicks should pursue Fred VanVleet

New York Knicks, Fred Van Fleet
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The New York Knicks are in for a big offseason.

In the meantime, the Knicks are still looking for a new head coach, and are looking to add some talent to the roster. For example, Fred VanVleet can be a perfect addition to the team — he is a free agent this summer. If the Knicks sign VanVleet, they won’t have to worry about the point guard positions for a while. Why? Because VanVleet has proven to the world that he can be a great point guard, and also be a team leader. Ultimately, he did all of this with Toronto last year and won a championship.

VanVleet isn’t afraid of the big stage

Fred VanVleet has made a name for himself over the past two seasons, especially when the Raptors made the finals. To emphasize, VanVleet had the daunting task of guarding Steph Curry, the best point guard in the league.

As you can see, VanVleet isn’t afraid of anyone. He played Curry extremely well in the finals. Also, VanVleet hit some clutch shots in the finals and in the eastern conference finals too. I like the way he plays, he’s a scrappy player who is willing to do the dirty work. Also, he isn’t afraid of shooting the ball and catching defenders off guard with a crossover. Overall, I think VanVleet could handle the MSG crowd and the fans. I think he’s made for New York.

Fred had his best offensive performance in 2019, posting 17.6 points per game over 48 contests. In addition, he averaged 6.6 assists per game.

What VanVleet will do for the Knicks

If the Knicks can sign VanVleet this offseason, I think he can change the culture of Knicks Basketball. In Toronto, he was a  motivator and a vocal player which is something the Knicks need. A good point guard often has intangible traits that point toward leadership and control. The Knicks don’t have someone like that. Overall, if the Knicks don’t draft a point guard, they seriously should sign VanVleet. Notably, VanVleet has playoff and NBA finals experience. The Knicks need to make a change to this team and fast. Why not start with singing Fred VanVleet?

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