Why Knicks’ Frank Ntilikina Needs To Play Against Boston

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

Knicks fans have not seen Frank Ntilikina, aka Frankie Smokes, in action the past two games.  Frank has been glued to the bench due to Coach Fizdale’s decision to not play him.  There have been rumors about the possibility of Frank getting traded, but they’re only rumors.  With that being said, Frank needs to play tonight in Boston as Knicks fans are getting worried.

For the most part, on Knicks twitter, fans do not want to trade Ntilikina.  It’s only his second year, but it is troubling when one of our most recent lottery picks is not getting substantial minutes on the floor.  Frank put in work in the off-season after he received constructive criticism about becoming more aggressive on offense.

When drafted, Frank was looked at to be the point guard of the future.  However, the emergence of Emmanuel Mudiay and Trey Burke has hurt Ntilikina from getting minutes.  Despite being better than Frank offensively, Mudiay and Burke lack the defensive capabilities that Frank has.  In certain situations, Frank needs to be on the floor as he can provide good, not lockdown yet, defense on a team’s premiere player.

The trade rumors have gotten a lot of fans worried that Frank could be moved shortly.  However, for now, it’s just rumors, thankfully.  We all need to take pause and see what Fiz has up his sleeve for Frank.  Personally, I believe that Fiz knows what he’s doing and could do something similiar to what he did with Daymean Dotson and Burke.  Taking their minutes away for a seat on the bench.  Then, when they got another chance they thrived.  Hopefully, Frank is on that similiar path.  #freefrank