Why are the New York Knicks struggling late in games?

The New York Knicks have struggled closing out opponents roughly the last ten contests. With Mitchell Robinson’s injury, the Knicks are being outrebounded by a large margin on certain nights. Allowing offensive rebounds to the opponent gives them momentum and energy, and this almost never bodes well for the Knicks down the stretch, especially when there’s a lack of a true closer. What could be the reason for the Knicks’ struggles down the stretch in close games? Is it inferior and unsteady point guard play? Could it be a lack of closers on the roster? Or are the Knicks just going through growing pains while figuring out how to win close games?

This is the first time in years the Knicks are actually in the playoff hunt. New York’s favorite team is currently sitting at 8th seed in the Eastern Conference, and divisional play will be crucial the rest of this regular season. There is a high possibility that the Knicks just plain and simple don’t know how to win yet. What better way to learn than to go through excruciating losses? Tom Thibodeau is one of the best coaches to go through a rough patch with. Thibs is constantly teaching, amending, and reminding players of their duties in a detailed fashion on both ends of the basketball court. Every close Knick loss can easily be counted as another learning experience moment under Tom Thibodeau.

Overall, the New York Knicks are going through a rough patch with its young guys, however, fans shouldn’t count them out. Diamonds are made in ugly fashion, and one example of that is RJ Barrett’s three-point shooting as of late. Julius Randle is the engine of this Knicks roster, and as long as defense is the priority, everything else will eventually fall into place, especially next season, once our anticipation of a real floor general comes to fruition.

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