What’s Motivating The New York Knicks to Play Veterans Instead of Youth?

New York Knicks, Elfrid Payton
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The New York Knicks have been featuring their veterans instead of their younger players and the fan base wants to know why. The entire Knick fan base is wondering what’s motivating interim coach Mike Miller to play veterans instead of fully going with the youth movement. The question is still unanswered, however, fans can still wonder if this sort of thing will continue after the trade deadline on February 6th, 2020.

Some fans believe management has been trying to save their jobs by playing the veterans in hopes of getting wins for job security. Others feel the Knicks are showcasing the veterans before the trade deadline. There are also a few others who believe it’s just total chaos and organizational malfunction.

All in all, there is a reason for everything. What makes sense to one doesn’t necessarily mean it will make sense to others. The New York Knicks management including interim coach Mike Miller seems like they believe in their starting lineup. Chemistry seems to be a priority for some wins along with showcasing for potential trades that could lead to talent acquisition. Scott Perry definitely has a tendency of finding underperforming talent, or one who lacked opportunity on a stacked bench on another team. Therefore, nothing can really be said until the trade deadline. Nothing is obvious at this point in time when it comes to what direction the New York Knicks are headed. Time will tell and after the deadline will be a telling moment for the Knicks on the trade market and their player rotations during a live NBA game. Steve Mills and Scott Perry will be making some huge decisions with the roster in the near future.