New York Knicks: Projected starting five with LaMelo Ball at point guard

New York Knicks, LaMelo Ball

The New York Knicks need all the help they can get. Over the last two decades, the Knicks organization has been the laughing stock of the NBA. The only good season to look back at was the 2012 season where the Knicks were the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Tragically, they would go onto lose against a very talented Miami squad.

Adding Lamelo Ball to the Knicks starting five would bring life to New York City. Lamelo was on an absolute tear when he played overseas. For those who don’t know, Ball dropped 92 points in a High School game! As we all know, this isn’t something you see every day.

Lamelo Ball at Point Guard (PG)

Most Knicks fans out there are against Ball coming to New York. I personally feel that Ball is the right person to fit the role as the Knicks starting point guard. When Lamelo played overseas he put everyone on a mixtape. From breaking defenders’ ankles and making perfect behind the back passes, Lamelo can do it all. I Can’t leave out the part about him being a deadly shooter also. I personally think Lamelo will have a bigger impact in the NBA then his brother Lonzo Ball will. His skill set is far superior to Lonzo’s and Lamelo has true point guard vision.

RJ Barrett at Shooting Guard (SG)

The third overall pick in the 2019 draft, RJ Barrett. In my mind, RJ had a great rookie season. It’s not easy for a rookie to come into New York and have success right away. Throughout the season, I personally felt like RJ didn’t get as many touches as he should’ve. Year two will be the ultimate test for RJ, will he improve or will we see a sophomore year slump? This game against the Rockets is great proof that the future can be bright for RJ.

Brandon Ingram at Small Foward (SF)

Before the Coronavirus shut down the NBA, Brandon Ingram was having an All-Star caliber year for the Pelicans. With Zion missing time to injury, Ingram really grew as a player and got the touches he needed. I actually had him in fantasy and he put up 30-40 points a night sometimes! As we all know, the Knicks would have to sign him this offseason in free agency. The Knicks need a guy like Ingram, a threat as soon as he crosses half-court. Previous seasons have shown that the Knicks are missing a scoring machine.

Julius Randle at Power Foward (PF)

I could see Randle at the four if the Knicks pull the trigger on Ingram. Julis Randle is the ideal small forward but could be a miss match for bigger defenders. With Randle at the four, this will create more opportunities in the paint. A talented playmaker that can shoot the three-ball and draw his bigger defender out of his comfort zone. Standing at 6’8, Randle is effective on the boards as well. Here is one of Randles’s best game as a Knicks so far. Imagine if he could put up numbers like these every game!

Mitchell Robinson at Center (C)

Mitchell Robison at the five is interesting. He has the length to be a center but usually is undersized in the weight category. This leads to Robison’s foul problem, the Knicks need him off the bench, not on it. In his first two seasons, Robison has made some crazy plays. He truly can catch an alley-oop pass from any angle.

The 2020 season will be interesting for the Knicks. A lot of new faces could be on the team and there could be a new star in New York. Lamelo Ball could change the culture of Knicks basketball.

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