This One New York Knicks Fan Makes All Fans Look Bad

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A lot of NBA fans/onlookers think the New York Knicks fans base is ridiculous.  Rightfully so, New York fans do take their sports seriously and out-of-hand from time-to-time.

However, there is this one fan that, despite his celebrity status, makes the Knicks fan base an embarrassment.  That Knicks fan is Stephen A. Smith.

Videos, pictures and obnoxious rants from Smith, himself, spread like wild fire throughout the internet after the Knicks got the 3rd pick in the lottery.

This is almost comical at this point.  Smith can be a great actor.  He sometimes over acts, especially when it comes to the Knicks.  It is all a show.

Like, come on man.  This is not the end of the world.  Were fans disappointed?  Yes.  However, the Knicks are still in a good position to draft a very good player or package that pick for Anthony Davis.  Trust me, it would have been a lot worse if the Knicks ended up with the 5th pick.

But, to go on national television and radio and basically scream and cry about how long you have suffered is uncalled for.  All Knicks fans are suffering.  Do you see all other Knicks fans crying, whining and making a spectacle of yourself over the Knicks?  Some fans, yes.  But, others deal with the cards we are dealt.

Smith was yelling at everyone at ESPN because they were laughing at him solely based on his reactions about landing the 3rd pick.  Was it all an act?  Maybe.  But, you are making all Knicks fans look just as insane as you looked on May 15th.

Even the world’s biggest Knicks fan, Spike Lee, did not react the way that Smith did after the lottery order.  Smith is trying to make himself the focal point of Knicks nation and it is not a good look.

All he does, when it comes to the Knicks, is whin and complain.  Yes, the Knicks have bad luck and all that jazz.  But, they way you represent the fan base is not entertaining, it embarrassing.

It is good to be passionate about the Knicks, can’t knock him there.  I just wish that he would try to represent the Knicks with a more positive outlook instead of being so pessimistic.

I am not saying that other fans aren’t.  We all are at times.  Just try to appear a little more positive and open minded.  Especially, with the possibility of turning around the franchise this off-season.

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