This New York Knicks fan continues to get worse

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On Monday, this ‘so called’ New York Knicks fan continues to be a pessimist.  Stephen A. Smith said “without KD the Knicks have no hope!”

Smith is a big Knicks fan, we will give him that.  However, over the past few years, he continues to get worse and worse.

Smith does not seem to believe in the Knicks at all.  Knicks fans, all over, appear to agree with the direction the team is heading.  They have youthful talent and cap space to offer two max contracts.  The Knicks have a very well respected and liked head coach.  They also have a general manager who know clearly knows how to steer a franchise in the right direction.

What am I missing?

Again, Smith said that the without Kevin Durant there is no hope.  Durant going to miss all next season.  Even if he choices the Knicks, he is not stepping foot on the Garden floor next season.  So, there is not much hope he is bringing the Knicks next season anyway.  Although, Durant can attract another free agent for next season.

But, saying that the Knicks have no hope is wrong.  The Knicks just drafted a young stud in RJ Barrett, who is a freak athlete and who wanted to come to New York.  If there is any hope, it is Barrett.

Barrett can be a player that does bring hope to a franchise.  Other people that bring hope for the Knicks are Coach Fizdale and GM Scott Perry.

Perry, alone, should be the one person fans look towards that gives the Knicks hope.  He was able to trade away bad contracts, get the Knicks first-round draft picks and put a young core of players in place.  Again, what am I missing?

While Smith can not be faulted for his fiery passion for the Knicks, nothing ever is good enough.  The Knicks are in the best position for the future that they have been in several years.  But again, not good enough.

Many Knicks fans have been pessimists for years.  But, when there is light at the end of the tunnel, Smith continues take it one step further.  No wonder why NBA fans, do not like the Knicks and want to see them continue to struggle.

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