This future Hall of Famer thinks New York Knicks Smith Jr. is ‘special, special’

New York Knicks, Dennis Smith Jr.

New York Knicks point guard, Dennis Smith Jr., has been putting in work this off-season.  Smith Jr. been working to improve his shot with the help from future Hall of Famer, Chris Paul.

According to The Athletics’s Mike Vorkunov, Paul believes that Smith Jr. is “special, special.”  Paul continued with, “I think being here with Fiz, getting an opportunity to play, getting up and down.  I was happy for him when he got traded to the Knicks last year because he got that New York grind in him.”

As a lot of NBA fan know, Paul is an efficient shooter, mainly a sniper with the mid-range.  Smith Jr. not so much.

Last season, Smith Jr. shot 42.8 percent from the field, 32.2 percent from beyond the arc and 63.5 percent from the free-throw line.

While at first glance, his shooting percentage from the field is not terrible, but his free-throws need to greatly improve.  Smith Jr. is showing great determination this off-season to improve his shot.

The New York Knicks need a point guard like Paul, just not Paul himself.  Thankfully, he was not on the Knicks radar, before being traded to Oklahoma City.

As much as fans dislike Paul , due to his on-court tactics and complaining, he is still an elite point guard.  Paul’s ability to control the game and hit clutch shots is something Smith Jr. needs in his arsenal.

Smith Jr. can learn a lot of Paul.  Knicks fans, be happy for Smith Jr. seeking help on how improve his game from this future Hall of Famer.