The New York Knicks will never learn

New York Knicks

Despite a right Achilles injury, the New York Knicks will continue to pursue Kevin Durant.  SNYs Ian Begley reported this morning that some within the Knicks organization do agree.

This is replaying a few scenarios that the Knicks have done in the past.  Trying to sign players, to big money, after an injury.  The Knicks signed Amar’e Stoudemire who had knee issues throughout his career and damage to his retina.  Antonio McDyess missed two straight seasons with knee issues as well.

A Achilles injury is a little different from knee issues, but they both require long rehab and can be nagging injuries for the rest of the players career.

The Knicks taking a chance on Durant is risky.  Are they getting the best player in the world?  Yes.  Can he come back to 100% health?  In this day and age with new medical rehab and technology?  Yes.

The only concern is Durant sitting out an entire season doing rehab.  What if Durant does not return to the best player in the NBA, like he was before the injury.  The Knicks would have wasted a max contract on an injured player, like they have done in the past.

However, if the injury report comes back and it is not as bad as some are making it out to be, then have at it.  For the Knicks, we have nothing to lose, except money.  I trust Scott Perry and his decision making.

If Durant does sign with the Knicks, rehabs a full year and returns to himself, then it will all be worth missing one season.  But right now, we do not know.  It would be the biggest gamble Perry takes for the Knicks.

The decision of signing an injured Durant to a max contract can make or break Perry with the Knicks.