The New York Knicks problem is this man, not the ‘head huncho’

The New York Knicks have a lot of problems surrounding the franchise.  Some will say it’s the coaching, the front office, personnel or owner.  It all depends on your view of the team.

A lot of fans will think that the Knicks owner is the problem.  Their argument is very valid.  Players won’t come because of him and how the organization is being run, not wrong.

However, when the New York Knicks parted ways from Phil Jackson in 2017, they forgot someone.  The Knicks should’ve ‘mutually parted’ ways with Steve Mills as well.

‘Cleaning house’ means everyone’s was getting the axe.  Not leave a few executives around just because they may be good friends with the owner.

Mills was suppose to be this ‘talent evaluator’ but that has yet to be seen.  Yes, he got lucky this summer by getting a hopeful future all-star in RJ Barrett.  The year before was Kevin Knox but he has been on the decline after a positive start to this season.  Truthfully, those picks may have been Scott Perry but Mills has the final say.

Since he returned to the Knicks in 2013, the Knicks have had 6 consecutive losing seasons and are on their way for their seventh.

Mills was the one that gave Tim Hardaway Jr. that horrendous contract, 4-year, 71 million to return to New York, after they got rid of him once.  And after he was another gunner for the Knicks, he was dealt in the Kristaps Porzingis trade.  Great singing.

He has had plenty of opportunities to prove himself that he is capable of turning a franchise around even before Jackson.  Mills has failed on that front.  The Knicks haven’t gotten better, in any aspect, they continue to get worse.  There are some pieces for their future like RJ Barrett, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson.  Besides that, everyone is expendable.

Mills making basketball decisions hasn’t panned out since he returned.  He may be good on the business side but when it comes to making on-court decisions, he shouldn’t make the calls.  The Knicks owner fails to see that he is incapable of turning a team around.

The Knicks needs an entirely new front office if they want to turn this around in the next decade.  They really need to clean house and get rid of all the executives, and coach.  Anyone with ties to the team in the last 6, soon to be 7, seasons of losing needs to go, minus Perry.

Thanks to @knickantor for the inspiration. 

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