The New York Knicks Not So All Decade Team

New York Knicks, David Fizdale

This decade has been a struggle for the New York Knicks. Good players have been hard to find for the Knicks. On the other hand, they have been rotating through players who do not belong on NBA teams. Here is the New York Knicks Not So All-Decade Team.

(Starters performed worse for the Knicks then bench players)
Point Guard: Chris Smith
Shooting Guard: Sasha Vujacic
Small Forward: Ricky Ledo
Power Forward: Lou Amundson
Center: Andrea Bargnani
Recognize this lineup? That’s because every player here was apart of the Knicks 2014-2015 team. Each player here was filler. No player had a future with the franchise. None. Bargnani was acquired in a trade and was supposed to have a future with the Knicks, but he was so bad and injury-prone that, that never happened. Vujacic was only on this team because of his connection to Rambis, Fisher, and Phil Jackson. Smith was only with the Knicks to entice his brother to re-sign with the Knicks.
G: Alexey Shved
G: Beno Udrih
G: Ron Baker
G: Jerian Grant
F: Travis Wear
F: James White
F: Isaiah Hicks
F: Mindaugas kuzminskas
C: Samuel Dalembert
C: Kevin Seraphin
Shved always played his heart out, while Udrih had no place being on an NBA roster. Baker wasn’t terrible, but what puts him on the bench is his contract that he signed, worth nearly 4 million more dollars then he was worth. That is not Baker’s fault, that’s on the Knicks front office, but from a fan perspective, that terrible contract put Baker on this list, and make his agent a most wanted criminal for how he robbed the Knicks. Grant was a first-round pick that did not pan out. Wear should never have been on the team, and later cost the Knicks a draft pick, because of who they had to get rid of to keep Wear on the team. White is not remembered for his time on the Knicks, but his time representing the Knicks in the dunk contest and losing in it. Hicks was a good college player but never deserved an NBA contract, even on a two-way deal. Seraphin and Dalembert were two of the worst centers to play for the Knicks, ever. Kuzminskas never stuck in the NBA but had that great preseason that he will be remembered for.