The New York Knicks need a ‘pass first’ point guard so badly

Comes as no surprise, we’ll keep talking about how badly the New York Knicks need a point guard.  Not only do they need one, they need a pass first guard the most.

A few days ago, Forbes’ Tommy Beer dropped some eye opening Knicks point guard facts.  These will go to show how bad all the point guards for team have been.

Would anyone be shocked if Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks in assists?  Welp, from 2005-06 through 2019-20, Anthony was the Knicks franchise leader in assists.

Beer wasn’t done there, he added another one.  From 2009-2010 through 2019-20, the top 3 Knicks in total assists were Anthony, Raymond Felton and, wait for it, J.R. Smith.

Now a point guard doesn’t have to lead the team in assists.  Anybody can be that pass first player.  It’s not a good sign when someone other than the point guard, Knicks leading scorer, is leading the team in assists.

Fans would crush Anthony for being a ball hog.  But those little nuggets from Beer prove otherwise.  Anthony was doing everything to make the Knicks competitive.  Someone had to step up.

The Knicks need to be all in on a point guard in the draft or trade for Chris Paul.  Paul wouldn’t be the best option solely because of his contract it’s better than their current situation.  Paul’s getting 80+ million over the next two seasons.

Paul averages 9.5 assists for his career.  He’s the pass first point guard that the Knicks need.  They’ll trade for Paul or draft a point guard.  Maybe the Knicks will even do both and have the young one be mentored by Paul?  Do the Knicks really want to take on that massive contract for an aging veteran point guard?  You’d think they’ve learned from their past mistakes.  But, then again they’re the New York Knicks.