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The New York Knicks Are Top 3 In Another Category Too


The New York Knicks are top 3 again and it is not only in the lottery.  Las Vegas’ Caesars released their NBA odds to win the title next season and the Knicks are in the hunt.

The Knicks come in tied for third, +1200, with the Houston Rockets and La Clippers to win it all.  Those teams trail only the Golden State Warriors, +200, and the Milwaukee Bucks, +400.

Las Vegas always seems to know something that the general public does not.  In this case, could they have insider information that Kevin Durant, and someone else, is bringing their talents to New York?

The odds appear to favor the Knicks in almost every category this off-season.  Whether that be competing for the NBA title or landing Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The Knicks do have some good momentum doing into this off-season.  Let’s hope that Vegas and their oddsmakers are correct on all accounts because the Knicks are use some Las Vegas luck this summer.

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