The New York Knicks Are Not Promised Anything

The New York Knicks future is 6 months away.  Free agency is what every fan is counting down to.  It might as well be 6 months from now.

One thing Knicks fans must remember is 2010, the year LeBron James was a free agent.  That year, some Knicks fans ‘locked in’ the James basket and were disappointed.

It appears, fans are doing the same thing in regards to Kevin Durant. The question is – are we setting ourselves up for failure?

Just because the Knicks play in New York, does that mean they are owed anything?  No.  They are already the most valuable franchise and play in the biggest market.  But, does that mean they have to be good?  No, after years of torment, maybe we deserve it.

As fun as it is to talk and speculate about Durant, it might not happen. Fans are getting all excited and and locking in Durant, similar to James.

Now, the Los Angeles Clippers appear to be ‘major contenders’ to the Knicks for Durant, according to Marc Stein.

However, while the Knicks are still the favorite to land Durant, it is not a guarantee.  The Knicks are going to need a backup plan.  They will continue to move forward with youth, but their will be a lot of cap space to play around with.

So, before we continue engaging in more Durant rumors and speculation, think back to 2010.  Remember how fans felt after getting excited for James and then were let down.  I know I was.  May we pray to never feel the sense of hope cloud our judgement – the Knicks always find a way to mess it up.