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The New York Knicks are getting more than they bargained for in Bobby Portis

by scoooch
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The New York Knicks added several veteran players this off-season. It might not be who fans were hoping for, but it was what they needed.

Thankfully, newly acquired Bobby Portis is making waves and quickly becoming a fan favorite without stepping on the court. Legion Hoops posted about the Knicks potential starting lineup, notable players and reserves.  Their, Legion Hoops, Knicks starting lineup was Dennis Smith Jr., RJ Barrett, Marcus Morris, Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson.

The role players and reserves, according to Legion Hoops, are Reggie Bullock and Kevin Knox.

Portis quote tweeted Legion Hoops post with, “HAha still no love…real life #UNDERDOG“

First off, Bullocks had surgery on his back and his contract is not even guaranteed until he comes back from a six month recovery. Having Knox start on the bench is not crazy. Morris brings more defense to the table while adding solid points. Knox will get there in time, but for now, the Knicks need defense which is what Morris will bring.

Portis is most definitely a notable role player. He is already embracing the ‘leader/captain of the bench’ role.

Due to injury, Portis only played 28 games last season with Washington. However, he averaged 27.4 minutes, 14.3 points, 44% field goal %, and 8.6 rebounds.

Besides Randle, Portis is the biggest acquisition the Knicks have had. The underdog mentality and overall grit Portis is bringing to New York is something the team needs.

Add the determination and ‘team comes first’, ‘I got my brothers’ mentality, Morris is bringing. The Portis-Morris combo is a recipe for disaster, in a good way like the 90s Knicks.

Expect the Knicks to have more fire, grit and that underdog mindset more than ever before. If Portis is able to motivate his teammates, like he already is the fans, then the Knicks could have something cooking this season.

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