The New York Knicks already have their guy

New York Knicks, Duke, RJ Barrett

The New York Knicks did have their eyes set on Kevin Durant.  Durant coming to the Knicks is still up in the air.  However, the Knicks may already have their guy.

RJ Barrett appears have the keys to this franchise.

There is a lot of hype and expectations already being put on Barrett’s 19-year-old shoulders.  Barrett had a kings welcome to the city of New York.  He had a tour of the city and hit all the hot spots.  Barrett was even at the New York Rangers draft party.

Barrett seems to be the guy in New York, currently.  All of the noise and speculation about signing Durant or Kyrie Irving has hit the back burner once Barrett’s name was called.

Barrett already showed that he has a big, fun, mature personality that is able to handle the New York media.  The media threw some big questions at him at his introductory press conference and he handled it like a pro.

It is not often that a player comes along and they want to be a Knick and embrace the big stage.  When that player is on our team, he become instantly loved.  A 19-year-old has the hearts of all Knicks fans already, and he has not even played a game yet.

Even if the Knicks do strike out in free agency, they have their guy, RJ, who the franchise can build around going forward.  Barrett has the game and mentality that you want in a franchise player.