The Knicks might be facing their biggest internal challenge after loss to Suns

The New York Knicks are coming off of a disappointing defeat against the Phoenix Suns on Monday evening, but it represents an opportunity for them to push past adversity and show they are a resilient team.

The Knicks proved they could hang with one of the best teams in the NBA, and while the Suns were on a two-game losing streak, they’re capable of beating anyone at any given time, as we saw when Chris Paul hit a few late-game shots to secure the victory. The Knicks, however, are now tied with the Atlanta Hawks for the fourth seed at 7.5 games back apiece.

Adversity is no stranger to this team, but their nine-game winning streak indicated that they were riding a high that they hadn’t experienced in quite some time. The demoralizing factor of a loss following a nine-game win streak could be devastating, but the Knicks have a solid opportunity to bounce back against a struggling Chicago Bulls team on Wednesday evening. The Bulls have been extremely inconsistent this year but shouldn’t be overlooked as they do have players like Nikola Vucevic.

The Knicks can bounce back with an easier opponent:

Luckily for New York, the Bulls are currently without star guard Zach LaVine, who will be out for quite some time. An easier bounce-back game should give the Knicks an opportunity to stare adversity right in the face and say, “see you later.”

Head coach Tom Thibodeau must rally the troops, giving them a reason to continue forward, and if the playoffs aren’t motivating enough, they have to find that internal flame that fueled their massive win streak to begin with. The next few games for the Knicks are important, as it gives them an opportunity to cement themselves in a spot where they don’t have to play-in to the NBA playoffs.

They will take on the Bulls, Houston, Memphis, and then Denver. A very winnable stretch of games for New York, who can continue their success easily if they remain composed and confident.