The New York Knicks All Decade Team


This decade has not been kind to the New York Knicks. With multiple coaches, and roster turnover every single year, this was a hard exercise to do.

A Not So All-Decade team will be featured later, and it will have an easier roster to configure, but here is the hard one first.
Point Guard: Raymond Felton
Easily the best point guard of the decade, Felton led the Knicks during there best season and had multiple stints with the Knicks. The journeyman last played for the Thunder and is currently out of the league.
Shooting Guard: JR Smith
The two guard positions were the hardest to come up with starters. Smith was up and down in his Knicks career, but did win 6th man of the year, and was vital to the Knicks best team in decades.
Small Forward: Carmelo Anthony
Easily the best player of the decade, ‘Melo was an under-appreciated star on the Knicks, and led the Knicks through the majority of the decade.
Power Forward: Amare Stoudemire
Stat underperformed as a Knicks but was easily the best forward throughout the decade. While Amare ended up not being worth the large contract he signed, he was still better than the majority of players to wear Orange and Blue recently.
Center: Tyson Chandler
Chandler won Defensive Player of the year and was a force in the middle of the Knicks best defense this decade. Chandler anchored the one good run of Knicks basketball this decade.
G- Jeremy Lin
G- Jason Kidd
G- Landry Fields
G- Tony Douglas
If you are telling the story of this decade in Knicks’ history, it can’t be complete without Linsanity. Linsanity sparked the Knicks for 3 weeks and led the Knicks to a playoff birth. Jason Kidd flamed out during the second half of his season with the Knicks but was a good veteran presence. Fields and Douglas flamed out of the NBA, but it was hard to come up with two guards better than them this decade.
F- Iman Shumpert
F- Danilo Gallinari
F- Steve Novak
F- Wilson Chandler
Iman Shumpert was a polarizing Knick, but played good defense, and was apart of the team of the decade. Gallinari and Chandler have brief Knick careers but showed promise before being traded for the player of the decade.
C- Robin Lopez
C- Kyle O’Quinn
The Brooklyn native, O’Quinn was a steady inside force for the New York Knicks and may have been one of the best signings by the Knicks this decade(it was a sign and trade). Lopez was only on the Knicks for one season, but he brought consistency to the team.