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Stop this New York Knicks rumor already

by scoooch

The New York Knicks struck out on early big name free agent this off-season. The organization put all their eggs in the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving basket this summer and it backfired.

The Knicks appeared to feed the fans all of this ‘fake news’ of their confidence that they land one or two superstars.  As we all know, that was not the case.  Their biggest free agent signing was Julius Randle.  It was a very good signing of a player coming off this best season as a pro.

The Knicks then signed several forwards for 2-year-deals with the second year being a team option, another small win.

With that being said, everyone believes by the Knicks doing all these team options contracts that they are again going to put their eggs in another superstars basket.

The new hot name is Giannis Antetokounmpo.  Allegedly, he will be the Knicks number one target.

This needs to stop already.  The amount of stress this summer has put on Knicks fans was a lot.  The Knicks did the same thing with LeBron James, twice, and now this summer.  Fans will not be able to go through the stress, constant speculation creating the awful feeling of being left in the dust again.  It has happened more then we wanted.

The Knicks need to take the traditional route and build a winning team through the draft.  Landing big name free agents are not in the cards for the Knicks anymore.  Giannis is not happening either.

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