Stay Woke NY; New York Knicks are not a Circus

Jul 10, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; The sneakers of New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson (26) during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers at Thomas & Mack Center. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks are deemed to be a circus for one reason…because that’s what sells. Can’t blame anyone within the organization without first looking in the mirror. The current state of the New York Knicks culture belongs to the fans and media, alike.

It doesn’t help the situation that every year the Lakers and Knicks valuation (according to Forbes) grows every year, despite the poor quality these two franchises have produced on the court. The Knicks have produced two straight decades of losing. And they lead the NBA in valuations, sitting at $4 Billion, followed by the Lakers at $3.7 Billion. Just for reference, the average value for the thirty franchises is $1.87 Billion. This mostly has to do with the large cable network deals these two franchises have signed. However, these two teams haven’t made the playoffs since the 2012-13 season.

There is a fallacy that the NBA needs the Knicks or Lakers franchises to be successful for the good of the league because these teams are, in fact, not good, yet they are money-making machines. This clearly gets under the skin of NBA fans and national basketball media, as well as the New York media. It forces the attention and energy to be directed everywhere, besides basketball.

Last game highlighted New York’s progress with rookies Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson posting double-doubles in the same game, Mitchell Robinson averaging 2.2 blocks in 18 minutes per game, and newly acquired Dennis Smith Jr. taking command of the offense and dropping 19 points and 13 dimes. There’s also the 2017 second-round pick, Damyean Dotson, who is coming into form and believing in his shot posting 27 points on an efficient 9-17 from the field. Emmanuel Mudiay, who was a low risk gamble taken by Coach Fizdale, has had his share of bright spots when healthy and on the court. The unity in the locker room, the aura of playing for New York in Madison Square Garden, and the snippets of insight about how Coach Fizdale is turning this team into a family, along with the player and money resources, is what will bring success and superstars to this franchise.

Before you start screaming about, ‘how the Knicks are losing at a high clip so we don’t want to focus on the team’, lets take a look at the headlines that have absolutely nothing to do with the New York Knicks, yet somehow you’re led to believe.  This has everything to do with the Knicks disfunction.

Misguided Headlines

-Knicks trade Star for Cap Space. Trade success depends on if Knicks get KD and Kyrie.

Real story: Disgruntled and injured player sends sub-tweets about the Knicks for trading him and hints at disfunction and chaos in the organization. Turns out, the players agent, his brother, were just upset because NY traded him to Dallas, a team not on his alleged “preferred four teams”. The deal brought DeAndre Jordan, mentoring Robinson, Dennis Smith Jr, dynamic and Steve Francis similiarities. This is in addition to clearing cap space and receiving two first round picks. Yet the headlines are Knicks trade star for pipe-dream hope of signing two superstars.

KD’s company moves to NY; KD and Kyrie have lunch, a conversation, a hug, a poem, it doesn’t matter.

Real story: It has nothing to do with the Knicks. In fact, the headline that KD’s company “Thirty Five Ventures” which has 10 employees, is moving to New York is laughable. The company was always in NY, they are just moving to a new office space. Honestly, let’s think about this. The Knicks are sitting at the bottom and looking to attract to two superstars trying to win another championship ring to add to their collection? Think about the last time that worked for anything: a job, a personal relationship… anything. It does not make any sense and is, in fact, completely irrelevant to the current Knicks.

James Dolan is “courting offers” to sell the New York Knicks.

Real Story: He’s not.

Why would anybody sell a franchise (1 of 30 in existence) that has double the valuation of the average franchise (despite the atrocities on the court) and also has never paid $1 in property taxes thanks to the good ol’ New York State legislature. Also, who can afford it?

In addition, Dolan owns the New York Rangers, New York Liberty, and the entire Madison Square Garden company and affiliates. Let’s check in with the Executive Chairman and CEO Jim Dolan after the 2018 finances rolled in.

“We had a solid fiscal 2018, driven by the performance of our bookings business, the Christmas Spectacular and sponsorships. This past year we also took important steps to position the Company for continued growth as we unveiled our plans to build state-of-the-art venues – called MSG Sphere – in Las Vegas and London, and announced the exploration of a potential separation of our entertainment and sports businesses. Looking ahead, we believe that our commitment to delivering premium live experiences for our customers and partners will continue to create long-term value for our shareholders.” – Jim Dolan

  • Does this sound like somebody looking to part ways with his ownership? In my estimation, NBA stars such as Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant have made it their goals to become moguls and have the same platform as teams and ownership. These players have seen it all when it comes to the NBA, and they won’t let an owner come in the way of achieving their goals.

-Recycled articles about two or three players playing video games. GIVE ME A BREAK. The real headline here should be, “Look at these young developing players who are so young that they must resort to video games because they can’t go to a bar.”

Zion Williamson tweaks his knee; Spike Lee screams “we’re trying to tank” at the Oscar Academy Awards.

Real story: These two headlines are irrelevant to the 2018-19 Knicks roster.

It is unfortunate that Zion Williamson tweaked his knee do to a freak shoe accident in the only UNC v. Duke game at Cameron Indoor this season. It’s even more unfortunate that anyone thinks the Knicks should care right now.

Also, shoutout to Samuel L. Jackson. He mentioned the Knicks snapping their 18-game losing streak during the Oscars, viewed in over 200 countries, and Lee for answering with “We’re trying to tank.” This. Is. The. Exact. Problem. With. The. Knicks. Culture. Spike Lee speaks for the Knicks fan base, liked it or not. Lee seemingly acting unhappy after an amazing performance by Smith Jr., Robinson, Dotson, and company to defend the honor of the Garden and finally reel in a home win.  This only fuels the fire of a losing culture in New York.


Stop worrying about the consequences of a clearly needed win. The Knicks have already done it! They have the second worst record in the league and have primed themselves for a bottom-3 record. This comes with a 14% chance at the #1 pick, Zion Williamson. Out of the 22 remaining games this season, there are only 4 games left against teams without playoff aspirations; Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, and the Chicago Bulls twice.

Knox and Smith Jr. have already questioned the fan base and media for being upset about winning. The focus should be on encouraging young players like Knox, Smith Jr., Robinson, Trier, and Dotson to win games. That’s what will attract the superstars and winning culture, not a stupid lottery.