Should New York Knicks Fans Be Worried About Kevin Knox?

The New York Knicks top pick in the most recent draft is in a slump.  Kevin Knox has been in a rut the past 3 games.  However, fans should not be worried.  Knox has averaged 8 points in his last 3 contests while shooting 20% from the floor.  Cause for concern?  Possibly, but don’t over think this.

Knox is only 19-years-old.  The conversation should simply be left at that.  Slumps are going to happen.  He’s going to have bad stretches of shooting.  No need to start bashing the kid over a couple bad games.  Relax.

The other big thing is, the Knicks are bad.  Coach Fizdale is going to try to give other players more time to see what he has going forward for next year and further on.

Case in point, Henry Ellenson, former Wisconsin lottery pick.  Why not give the young kid some time?  The team has literally nothing to lose.

Fans are worried that Mitchell Robinson, a second-round pick, is out-performing Knox.  Valid.  But instead of being concerned, fans should be ecstatic.  This just means that Scott Perry had a great first draft.  And Robinson being under DeAndre Jordan’s wing helps.  Knox doesn’t have that…yet.

Knox is going to be fine. The sky is the limit for this kid and he’s going to figure it out.  Similar to how Robinson is succeeding with Jordans mentorship, Knox will flourish once another player, maybe Durant (cough, cough), comes and helps in his development.