Rumor: New York Knicks could pursue DeMar DeRozan in free agency

New York Knicks, DeMar Derozan

The New York Knicks have struggled to attract attention from star players in the NBA, ranging from Kevin Durant to Kyrie Irving. Both signed with the Brooklyn Nets last off-season, passing on a superior Knicks franchise, some might say.

However, with the firing of Steve Mills several months ago in favor of former CAA super-agent Leon Rose, the team is headed in a different direction. Rose has fantastic connections with players across the league, including ones that categorized as stars.

The Knicks desperately need more offense of efficiency, and bringing in a player like DeMar DeRozan could fit the bill.

What would DeRozan bring to the New York Knicks?

DeRozan hasn’t averaged less than 20 points per game since the 2012–13 season. He will be 31 years old next year, which indicates a potential drop off in efficiency. However, his scoring remains consistent and effective, averaging 22.2 points per game this past season before the shutdown.

Luring a fringe-star like DeMar would be a huge add for the Knicks, but his age would force them into a short term agreement. Two-three years max would be likely contract for the current San Antonio Spurs.

The Knicks have a strong young core consisting of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. Building around them is a necessity. They also have multiple first-round picks 2020 and a ton of long-term cap space.

If DeRozan declines his player option to stick with the Spurs, he could cash in with a team like New York. An opportunity to sign an All-Star would be a huge development for the Knicks, and one they desperately need after missing out on several big-time players last off-season. His player option is worth about $28 million for the 2020-21 season.

IIf DeRozan is able to secure a similar amount with the Knicks over multiple years, it would benefit him the most considering his age. There’s a case to be made that signing the Spur would be a stepping stone in the overall development of the team’s image. With star players ignoring the Knicks all together last year, a player of his magnitude might change the course of their history rather quickly.

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