Reacting to Knicks trade idea for Pacers’ big-man Myles Turner

The Knicks have been impressed with Mitchell Robinson at center to start the season, but injuries to Nerlens Noel and an ankle issue suffered by Taj Gibson on Monday evening have left the team a bit thin at the position. Their lack of physicality proved to be a catalyst in their loss to the Toronto Raptors, being outrebounded and giving up 13 offensive rebounds.

With the Knicks struggling in that area, one trade opportunity down the line could be Indiana Pacers star big man Myles Turner. Turner is averaging 13.3 points, 7.5 rebounds, and posting 2.9 blocks per game.

SI’s All Pacers fan blog is convinced that the Knicks could be intrigued by Myles Turner as a trade target this season, stating:

Turner led the NBA in blocks per game last season for the second time in his career, and he is the perfect missing piece on a team that is already really good. 

He’s not the kind of star that could actually carry a team by himself, but he would make everyone else’s life easier on a team that is already really talented. 

Turner was previously rumored to be of interest by the Knicks during the off-season, but a trade failed to materialize. The Pacers elected to retain him, paying him a $17.5 million base salary this season. At 25-years-old, he could be a stellar edition next to Mitchell at center, giving them the physical presence they require to be a premium team in the NBA.

However, the Pacers would be asking for draft capital and more, something the Knicks could execute if necessary. However, they could be targeting a more refined talent down the line with their draft assets.

Given the depth the Knicks have on the bench currently and the quality of their starting five, Turner would be a revelation regarding physicality and rebounding. In fact, he could be a long-term solution at center if they elect to let Robinson walk in free agency.

About a week ago, Turner posted his best game to date, recording 40 points, 10 rebounds, five three-pointers, and three blocks. While our love for Robinson does not go unnoticed, Turner is far and away the better player on both sides of the ball. Nonetheless, I do believe the Knicks have a strong team, and only seven games into the season, weaknesses will improve. However, this could be an idea to keep on the back burner until the trade deadline arrives.

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